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10 commuting trends from around the world

A city of future would have a futuristic mode of commutation. People are looking for travel options those are convenient for both them and the planet. Speed and sustainability are two traits of modern commuting trends.

Here are 10 commuting trends from around the world:

  • Bicycle-Car Hybrid: This is one invention that would be beneficial for travelling in a congested urban area. Bicycle-car hybrid was developed to fill a gap in the market where only cars or bikes are available to commute to work.



  • Carbon Fiber Bicycles: The opus bicycles offer a lightweight and high-speed cycling experience. The cycles are designed and engineered with carbon fiber.


  • Futuristic Bikes: These bikes provide a multitude of functions and feature a minimalist design. They are called “The Future of Cycling,” as these bikes are the world’s first to have wheels without spokes — instead featuring “utility slots” that can hold personal items. These bikes also have laser lane projector that allows heavy vehicles clear of them at night.


  • Eco-Minded Velomobiles: The PEBL velomobile is an innovative new three-wheeled vehicle, developed in Massachusetts. These are designed with a seamless amalgamation of convenience and portability of an electrical bicycle with a range of features that are more closely associated with automobiles than bicycles.


  • Connected Cycling Devices: ‘Beakor’ brings the internet of things to urban cyclists. The device is packed with features to improve cycling safety, while also making the cyclist’s own experience more pleasant than with an unconnected bike.


  • Electric Carbon Fiber Bicycles: These electric carbon fiber cycles intended to provide an exceptionally fun experience for riders. The lightweight design of the ‘All-Go’ enables it to be ultra-strong without having to weigh too much.


  • Running Track Trains: Another commuting trend, this one comes from Japan. Metros in Japan features a flooring installation inspired by running tracks.


  • America’s Ultra-Fast Transport: This system has been devised by Hyperloop, which would move passengers at just under the speed of sound. The U.S. company has been able to harness the power of electric propulsion, enabling transportation pods to rapidly operate within near-frictionless vacuum tubes. Hyperloop hopes to be open to the public by 2020.


  • London’s Electronic Walkways: Once in place, this transportation will replace tube trains. Here there will be three side-by-side electronic walkways, each one moving at a different speed.


  • The ‘Craft Bicycle’: ‘Craft Bicycle’ is a beautiful collection of handcrafted Bamboo Bikes designed by a team in Bucharest, Romania. This two-wheeler is both fashionable and eco-friendly.




Sources: Trend Hunter / Architectural Digest

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