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3 Tech Trends in Education Sector to lookout for

Technology in education sector is not new, but there is a long way to go. This sector is yet to see path-breaking technology developments. Here are 3 such developments, which are slowly gaining momentum:

1. Digitized Test Prep

Students and teachers have been following the age old methods for preparing for tests. There is a vast industry of book publishers and tutors dedicated to help students to prep for their tests. But, with technology in play, there are digital formats, which help the students for the same.

With these digital formats one can track a student’s performance, improvement and find out where the student needs help. With the help of AI, a student’s training curriculum can be modified. Students today are more comfortable with technology than pen and paper, so digitizing their test preparation is at least customised to their learning preferences.

2. Community-Based Learning

Private Tuition! We all have been there, done that! These are a part of community based learning. Tutors are an invaluable resource for students, giving them customised learning and revisions.

For students, private tutors can be beneficial as they can give personal attention and help them work on their shortcomings.

3. Tools for Students With Learning Differences

This is the area, where there is lot of work is to be done yet. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are visual thinkers. Pictures are the first language for them and words come later. As concrete, literal, visual thinkers, individuals with autism can process information better when they are looking at pictures or words to help them visualize information. With new technology, visuals are more accessible to students with autism.

Technology programs designed for individuals with ASD are in high demand, and are much needed.

Source: INC.

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