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5 education trends of 2016 that will continue to impact in 2017

Many technology trends, last year, made an impact in K-12 and higher education classrooms. Various types of blended learning created a fundamental shift in the learning model, data analytics helped educators learn how to better serve their students. 2016 was an eventful year for education sector; here are 5 trends of 2016, which will continue to impact in 2017:

  1. Theme-based learning – Integrated learning technology, brought together print and digital modes of learning. These solutions are teacher-friendly, assessment-enabled, and theme or activity-based as well. Theme-based learning modules clear the concepts of learners to a great extent.
  2. Assessments to measure performance – 2016 saw a massive focus on measurement of student outcomes and performance, in both online and offline mediums. 2017 would see more developed assessment solutions that provide detailed analytics on student performance.
  3. Teacher Training – There was lots of focus towards training and professional development of teachers in 2016. A continued focus on the teacher training programs will bring betterment to the sector.
  4. Bilingual learning medium for young adults – In order to expand the reach of education, it becomes imperative for learning organisations to develop content that is either in the native language of the learner or bilingual. It is seen that use of mother tongue to deliver learning instructions enables faster understanding of concepts.
  5. Digital proliferation in education – Digitisation has played a very important role in this sector. The Internet and its proliferation through affordable and accessible devices have redefined learning ability and pushed us closer towards universal education. The Digital Literacy Mission was announced as part of the Union Budget 2016 to cover 60 million rural households within the next three years. ‘Digital Highways’ that are being created as part of the Digital India Mission will play an important role in “connecting India and Bharat”.

Sources: India Today

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