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500 Acre of BLISS! Soon to be Reality in Noida

In today’s urban world, greenery is scarce. Noida Authority is planning to increase the green cover in the city, to give its residents a healthy environment to live. The city is all set to get greener.

  • The Noida Authority has set a target of adding nearly 500 acres of green cover to the city in the current financial year.
  • At present, the city’s greenery is 18% of its total area, which will rise to 20% with the addition of the 500 acres.
  • Officials said work on 27 new parks has already begun this year. “We have allocated Rs. 50 Crore to increase the green cover. The budget allocation of the horticulture department has also been increased to maintain existing parks and green belts,” said Rama Raman, the Chairperson and CEO of Noida Authority.
  • “Free plants and saplings of fruit trees and shrubs are also being distributed to anyone who is interested in undertaking plantation. Our aim is to make Noida the greenest and cleanest city,” Raman said. “We urge people not only to plant more trees but also to nurture them and to help them grow to their full potential. This would go a long way in preserving the natural resource and enhancing our green cover,” he added.
  • Authority officials said the parks will have clusters of medicinal plants, including neem, arjun, amaltas, ashok, palms and coconut, and medicinal shrubs, including tulsi, lavender, aloe vera, hibiscus and sunflower.
  • Additionally, the Authority plans to construct one of the biggest theme parks of NCR on 42 acres of land in Sector 150. Nearly 80% of this sector is green.

Sources: TOI



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