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7 Wall Decorating Ideas for Renters

Just because you don’t own the house, doesn’t mean you cannot deck it up! Here are few wall decorating ideas for renters.

1. Use Vinyl Wall Decals – This will give you a cascading confetti effect to your wall. They are fun and add extra colour to your walls.

2. Use Fabric As Wallpaper – You can use an old bed cover, with a good design, for a wall paper. Fabric can be used as a temporary wall treatment solution.

3. Use Wrapping Paper as Wallpaper – Another fantastic replacement for wallpaper is wrapping paper.

4. Use a black background and do your own DIY wallpaper – Just hang a black handmade paper and spill your creativity on the same for a DIY wallpaper.

5. Use Decorative or Masking Tape to Create a Patterned Wall – These tapes don’t stick to the wall and can be easily removed. Make a pattern and deck up your walls.

6. Use Oversized Wall Art – Oversized wall art that can cover up a good portion of the wall is a great alternative to painting or wallpaper. It allows you to hide the stark walls with pop of colour.

7. Create a Gallery Wall – Another great way to hide those white walls is to create a gallery wall. Add your memorable pictures to the wall.

Source: Making Home Base


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