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A “SMART” Difference – Traditional & Smart Cities

Traditional cities are those cities which refer to a pattern of development that human civilization has built in for ages. Every traditional city has challenges to face, for example water, electricity, proper sanitation, etc. To surpass such challenges posed by traditional cities, there rose the need for a smart city.

The issues of challenges that a traditional city faces is tackled in a systematic & smart manner in a smart city. The shift towards more sustainable city development is important. The quality of delivery from foundational elements of traditional cities is enhanced by leveraging technology.

So, what is the difference between traditional & smart cities?

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Why does India need a Smart City?

Urbanization in India is happening fast and it drives social & environment challenges. According to a recent study done by PwC – “by 2025, India will be having 6 mega-cities housing population of 10 million or more”:


A smart city, in current environment will provide positive investment climate for businesses, and will equip the government to maximize resource utilization and provide transparency. Today, India needs to utilize the digitization phenomenon and technologies, to create a better living experience.

Wave has initiated the development of the 1st Smart City in India

Understanding the need of the hour, Wave Infratech is developing the First Smart City in India, Wave City. Located on NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi, Wave City is India’s largest Smart City project that is designed on the IBM-enabled smart city concept.

Wave City is a city that thinks for you – its residents. Developed on the Smart City concept, Wave City offers a sustainable living environment, which is interconnected & intelligent and will give its residents a smarter living.


Watch this space for more information on Smart Cities and Wave City

Source: Nasscom / PwC



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