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A symbol of purity, Ganga water to all Noida residents

Government officials gave a gift to the Noida residents this Independence Day. It was announced that on August 15, Ganga water supply would be supplied to most of city sectors. The officials, however, said that soon they would deliver 100 percent Ganga water to all households. The trial of newly laid water 100 km long pipeline and reservoir in sector 67, which is developed to store 192 MLD Ganga water and to be procured from Ghaziabad’s canal would soon start.
At present, 25 percent Ganga water is mixed in ground water and is supplied in all residential areas except sector 135 located between Noida Expressway and Yamuna River.
Here are few highlights of the water supply scenario in Noida:

• Ganga Jal is being brought at Noida by intercepting from Ganga canal at Masoori dasna, situated in Ghaziabad, 22 km away from this place. Before reaching to Noida, Ganga Jal is treated at Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad which is 3.2 km from this place. Complete treatment process, which are required for any surface water is being done at this treatment plant.
• The current availability of Ganga water is 48 million liters per day.
• Presently, around 15 to 20 per cent of the river water is mixed with ground water.
• There were plans to establish a new plant within two years in 2012 that would increase the capacity of treated water by a further 88 million liters per day, taking total availability to 231 million liters per day.
Source: Times of India
Noida Authority

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