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Accident relief is just a call away

Smart Series FinalImagine a situation where you receive an alert from home that the fire alarm in your house has gone off while you are on your way back home from work. It would be such a relief that there are people who would take the preliminary steps and save your house.

  • The alert goes to the Central Command Center (CCC).
  • At the CCC, the attendant coordinates all actions.
  • Emergency SOP triggers off quick and structured response to handle the scenarios.
  • Requests for remote disconnection of gas and energy connection.
  • Call to local security guard to evacuate the household.
  • Work order created for technician to visit and get the house checked.
  • After the diagnosis is completed, electric switch needs to be replaced. For that, order automatically placed through the vendor management system.


In another situation, you take a picture of a fallen tree that had been obstructing a road and uploads the picture to the city portal. Billing is done at the CCC. Billing details are then posted on the city portal and the city administration works on removing the tree.

This is not far-fetched dream. Wave City Center, located in Noida Sector 25A and 32 is a township that would have all these facilities. Situated in the heart of Noida, Wave Group’s Wave City Center would be India’s first smart township where you would just need to make a call and get the relief immediately.




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