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Antiques to add grace to your home

Antiques give your home a classic look. Antique pieces impart a sense of warmth, history and character to a home. When you choose an antique piece, keep in mind to pay emphasis to rarity, aesthetics, desirability, authenticity and really good condition of the piece.


  • Any antique piece that is rare and has a royal lineage is always the best.
  • Look out for a rare or unusual colour or design in a particular type of antique; an uncommon subject matter or style for a particular artist or manufacturer.


  • An antique’s aesthetic value is a matter of personal taste.
  • Some pieces of art and furniture have almost universal aesthetic appeal.


  • Look for trends that are prevalent.
  • Choosing antiques according to your home’s décor is important.


  • Always check the authenticity of a piece, beware of fakes.
  • As technology and the ability to reproduce items become more advanced, identifying the authentic antique becomes tougher and trickier.

Really good condition

  • Dealers use such words to describe the condition of an antique piece.
    • ‘Good condition’ means the piece has suffered a few slings and come through.
    • ‘Mint condition’ means the piece is perfect.
    • ‘Excellent condition’ means that the piece has minor flaws.

Source: Décor.Magicbricks

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