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Bye! Bye! Bye! – Parking Woes!

Doesn’t it bother you when you can’t find parking space every-day? We know it does, as parking spaces today are scarce and finding the right parking is a big task. Not only it is painstaking but also time consuming.

Parking is one part of transportation that has seen little innovation till today. Smart cities are the way forward as they aim to address a number of problems that Indian cities are facing, one of which is parking. With the developing concept of smart cities we have come to know that technology can make a significant difference to our lives.

Soon your parking problems will be history. Wave City Center, the first Smart City in Delhi NCR, includes smart features for a convenient living. Wave City Center has space for 43,000 car parking for residents and visitors. Just imagine how convenient it would be when you would be automatically guided to a free parking slot close to your destination. Even before you arrive a mobile application will let you know where a parking spot is available. The smart parking solutions will t only save your time but also fuel.

  • With smart meters and sensors, parking has been reinvented here to help reduce congestion & make your life convenient.
  • You will have parking spaces marked especially for you with your name.
  • When you drive into the city, the smart parking lot sensors update the parking availability on your phone.
  • You would be guided to the available parking space with smart guidance parking systems.
  • While going for shopping or for a movie you will get parking updates on the parking billboard in the mall.

The intelligent parking lot sensors guide you and help you park your vehicle with ease. All of this adds up to convenient and less frustrating parking experience for you and it’s one more step to a smarter city.

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