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Colours can do Wonders to your Health

Feng Shui practitioners believe that if colours are used according to a set prescription, they have the ability to bring positive vibes into the home.

  • Red: You can use red on the walls of the living room, dining room, kitchen, gym, etc. Red is a fire element. According to Feng Shui, this colour should be used in the east, southeast, west and northwest areas of your home. Do not use this colour as the dominant shade in the bedroom as it is a very powerful colour.

Colour Red

  • Orange: Also a fire element, use of this colour increases productivity, enthusiasm, and pleasure. This colour could do wonders in your child’s play room or your living room.

Colour Orange

  • Purple: You can paint the walls of your meditation room with this colour as it creates the perfect atmosphere for some quiet introspection.

Colour Purple

  • Green: This colour is known to reduce stress and has quality of healing. The balancing and restful qualities of green make it popular for the living room and the bedroom. This colour is associated with the wood element.

Colour Green




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