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Distance is not a problem anymore: Walk to work concept

Wouldn’t it be nice if you would not have to crawl in heavy traffic every morning to reach your office? It would be no less than a blessing to have your office near your house. Or if you are feeling sick and you could simply walk home and take a nap. Well, there can be many advantages of staying close to office. The idea of having home at a stone’s throw away from office sounds attractive to everybody considering the amount of time that is saved.

  • This idea is preferred by software engineers and other employees.
  • Government authorities have lately conceived a ‘walk to work’ model for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), where new industrial estates would have residential colonies in the vicinity.
  • One of the unintended consequences of this walk-to-work concept would be reduced traffic jams. If a large number of people who can afford to move close to their offices stay off the roads, it means congestion free roads for the rest of the people.
  •  That will have a positive ripple effect with quicker commuting, fewer accidents, and lesser pollution too.
  • Walk-to-work, however, doesn’t mean just providing residential space near to your workplace. It is also about providing a wide variety of amenities and services, such as hospitals, schools and retail malls, among others.

Wave City Center, located in Sectors 25A and 32 of Noida, is based on the concept of walk-to-work. It is a good option for residents and is a lucrative investment choice for both commercial and residential properties.




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