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Do the Math before you start decorating your home!

Decorating your home can be a task, but here are few tips on how ratios, proportions, and equations add up to a simply great room.

  •  Art-y Wall: You want some art work to add fun to your walls, but before you choose the art work, keep these in mind:
    • Height & Width: Generally, the top edge of the highest frame should be about seven feet from the floor, and the lowest piece should end five to six inches above the furniture, with the center of the arrangement at eye level.
    • The Spaces: Keep your art pieces together. Close fitting collection can cast a lasting impact
    • Size & Specifications: Mix the shapes, rectangular & square pieces of art. You’ll need one piece that’s a third larger than the rest to ground the vignette; it can sit in the center or to one side.

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  •  Living Room: Living room is face of your home. Anyone who visits you would spend a large amount of time in your living room, so deck it well.
    • Keep sofas off the rugs. Look for a style that spans close to 60% of the room, leaving at least 12 inches of floor space all around.
    • Always choose a painting or a print that’s two-thirds as wide as the couch, and position it so that its midpoint is about 60 inches from the floor and centered.
    • Go for a coffee table that is two-thirds as wide as the sofa and a couple of inches lower than the seats.
    • For a standard 7 foot sofa, use three 2 inch square pillows. If you have a love seat, then two throw pillows will suffice.

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  •  The dining table should have room for elbow. Give each guest a 24-inch-wide expanse. If you have a large dining room then keep the dining table with the wall.
    • Allow 15 inches or more of overhang on each side.
    • If you are installing a sconce, leave three to six inches of space between each sconce.

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  •  Do not leave the wall above the bed empty.
    • Fill it with something that makes you smile.
    • The art you choose should cover no less than two-thirds of the area above the headboard but not extend beyond its edges.
    • A bedside table lamp should be 24 to 27 inches tall.

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Source: Real Simple

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