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Feng Shui and Chi – All you want to know

It is a very common practice in India to conduct pooja before every good event or development takes place. Even in Asian countries, many consult Feng Shui experts before moving office or buying a property.

Feng Shui and Chi

It is believed (largely by The Chinese and Indians), that there is an energy flowing in and around us called Chi or Prana. So, if we have to say how it works it’s like: When there is an imbalance of Chi in your office you can lose wealth.

This might sound crazy to many, but the Chinese might call that an imbalance of Chi. We also know that if your office is too dark or noisy you will find it difficult to concentrate. That might be the loss of wealth.

In today’s time, modern science and medicines are now incorporating many related practices like acupuncture, which is entirely on balancing the body’s Chi flow.

Here are few tips on how to Feng Shui Your Office:

  1. Keep your desk facing the right direction: Feng Shui experts will tell you that the position of your work desk is of utmost importance. If you are facing the wrong direction you can throw off the balance of your office.
  2. Use symbols of wealth in the south-east corner: You can use Jade plant in a red pot. You should place symbols of wealth in that area. The idea is to make the area feel as prosperous and energetic as possible.
  3. Let lots of sun light in: The office should never be dark, where you have to use artificial lighting throughout the day. You should always have lots of natural light and fresh air blowing in for as much of the day is possible.

Keeping your growth & development in mind, Wave Infratech is developing Wave One, one-of-its-kind commercial development in heart of Noida, Sector 18. A fusion of global expertise merged with the philosophy of positive energy flowing through the property, the architecture complies with the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui, assuring prosperity and success. The great arch in Wave One represents ‘a passage for good Chi’ flowing from East to West to pass through the building and in process assure good fortune to its occupants.



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