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Good news for Noida residents! Commuting to Delhi, Faridabad to get easier

For the first time, Noida residents would be able to cross the border and travel directly to Delhi and Faridabad in Haryana. The Uttar Pradesh government will start issuing NCR permits to autorickshaws in Noida and Ghaziabad from Wednesday November 26.
•    The regional transport office in Ghaziabad will issue 4,000 permits for Delhi and 1,000 for Haryana based on an agreement by three states to dissolve the borders for autorickshaws.
•    The new autos will have meters, which is mandatory for plying in Delhi and are likely to have the same fare structure as autos in the capital.
•    Delhi is also supposed to issue NCR permits to autos so that they can travel to the neighboring cities in UP and Haryana.
•    Since the auto-rickshaws will be fitted with CNG kits, they cannot travel very long distances. But they can ply anywhere in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi.
•    The government doesn’t plan to restrict the issue of these permits within a time frame to encourage more operators to apply.
•    The fares are yet to be finalized and it is tried to be kept at par with auto fares in Delhi.
•    Autorickshaws that are allowed to ply to Delhi will have a three-inch orange-colored strip with ‘NCR auto for Delhi’ written in white on them. Autos to Haryana will have a purple-colored strip with ‘NCR auto for Haryana’ written across it in white.
•    As the eligibility criteria, an applicant should possess a valid driving license and a public service badge. Also, the auto-rickshaw should be CNG-fitted.
•    Women applicants will be given priority in both categories.
•    Autorickshaw drivers will also be required to get a counter signature from the respective transport authority in Delhi.

Source: TOI



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