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Great Chances to Score High on Livability Score – Wave City Center

“Livable Cities” was a term used back in 1980s that described quality of life and the characteristics of cities that make them livable. Recently the online realty providers,, has announced the launch of an innovative feature, The ‘Livability Score’ which will judge more than one lakh property across 12 major cities in India in terms of quality of the neighbourhood and amenities available within the project.

So! What is The ‘Livability Score’?

  • It will offer an in-depth analysis of the facilities available in a locality.
  • The score will be decided on the data received on availability of facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks, restaurants and other amenities around the property.
  • It is a cumulative score assigned to a residential project, taking its overall locality, infrastructure and many other meaningful factors into account.

Why Wave City Center Stands a Chance of Scoring High?

Wave City Center is the First Smart Township in Delhi NCR.

Livability Score Image

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