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Green areas, a means to improve quality of life

In a report released by the UN in 2012, it was stated that as urban areas of the world continue to grow, there is a great opportunity to improve cities, making them healthier for people, simply by increasing greenery. It’s been estimated that urban areas will grow more than double in size by 2030. With proper measures and innovations in place, this growth can greatly improve the quality of life for those living in cities.

Experts believe that some of the measures are to increase parks, trees, and rooftop gardens and greenery. These actions can have dual benefits: one decreasing city pollution, and second, helping to protect local plants and animals. In one his writings, Thomas Elmqvist of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, scientific editor of the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook, wrote “Rich biodiversity can exist in cities and is extremely critical to people’s health and well-being.”


Keeping these aspects in mind:

  • The Master Plan 2031 for NCR reserved a lot of scope for development of green areas, along with other infrastructural, residential and commercial developments.
  • One welcome feature of the new master plan is that the space for green areas has been increased by 40%. No construction will be allowed on 60% of the new allocation. Work on construction of parks, recreational green, etc, will only be allowed on the remaining 40% area.
  • There has been an increase of 2,000 hectares in the area reserved for greenery.


Working on the same lines, Wave City by Wave Group, a top real estate developer in India provides you residential and commercial properties with the luxury of open spaces and modern designs. Located on NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi, the project is the first IBM-enabled smart city boasts of more than 750 acres of green spaces and wide roads. Unlike other townships that are mostly based on horizontal living, Wave City is based on vertical living.


Source: Cleantechnica
Economic Times


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