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Green Noida Clean Noida drive gains momentum

According to National City Rating published by the Ministry of Urban Development, a list of cleanest cities in India was prepared. The rating included 423 cities and covered 72 per cent of the urban population. As per the list of the cities based on their sanitation status, prepared in 2009-10, Noida stood at the 17th position. On the other hand, Gurgaon was at the 87th position. This is one primary factor that is attracting customers and investors to Noida.
Even the authorities in Noida have been laying stress on developing Noida as green heaven, calling the drive Green Noida Clean Noida. Going by this philosophy, Wave Infratech, one of the leading real estate developers, has taken relevant steps to recycle and re-use waste, water and energy. It ensures eco-friendly practices are in place at each project site that in turn contributes to creating a healthier environment and a better lifestyle for its citizens. With globally-acknowledged infrastructure experts, AECOM, Wave City Center’s infrastructure is developed with advanced technologies related to waste management, STP, waste water treatment. Following are some of the measures:
• Waste management is controlled by state-of-the-art control system.
• Appropriate technology is adopted for treatment of waste.
• The garbage is collected from all the bins from all the places and then moved to the garbage room specially located away from living areas in a basement.
• Waste water is treated before it is released into another body of water to avoid further pollution.
• Treated water is used for gardening and toilet flushing water.
• A sewage treatment process is used to remove contaminants from waste water.
• Rainwater harvesting is an integral part of the city’s Environmental Management System.

Source: Noida Authority



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