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Green Roads: Green India

It is the need of the hour to use green technology to protect the environment and to conserve the energy. During an innovation exhibit in Africa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the cold mix technology, developed by Assam-based Bitchem Company, in the construction of roads.


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  • Assam is a pioneering state in the country to have used cold mix technology in rural road construction. Soon, the technology would be used in other parts of the country too.
  • Cold mix technology is greener, safer and enables faster black-topping of roads.
  • This technology is tailor made and can be used in all-weather conditions.
  • It is more durable as it contains anti-stripping properties.
  • The biggest advantage of the cold mix technology is that on an average in cold mix precious fossil fuels — approximately 1,500 litres of diesel per kilometre are saved and if over 1,000 km. of roads are constructed in a year in each state, the benefits would be enormous.
  • The conventional hot mix technology degrades the environment, as it emits hydrocarbon and suspends particulate matters and consumes higher energy, once heated.
  • Cold mix technology is far more advantageous in terms of potential cost savings, protection of environment, energy savings & decrease in carbon footprint. Cold mix is feasible in cold climate and rainy season with damp aggregates.

Source: ET Realty

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