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Home made entirely out of Coir Wood – Eco Home

In an effort to recycle coir waste, Coir Board is looking at eco-friendly shelters that will replace tents. The board aims to make use of coir wood more popular among the construction industry. Initially the implementation will be done in Pollachi, Coimbatore and it is definite that other cities will follow.

• Coir wood, besides being an eco-friendly product because it does not involve felling of trees, is also an affordable alternative to plywood.
• These homes will be able to withstand the vagaries of nature.
• These homes would be much cheaper than a brick and mortar house or even a plywood house.
• These homes will be 100% environment friendly because it is built out of only a by-product of coconut and does not involve felling or exploitation of coconut trees at all.
• Coir is a by-product is extracted from the coconut husk, also called the mesocarp tissue of the fruit. The fibre, after cleaning and removing the husk, is golden colour. Coir is a popular material to make mats, mattresses, baskets and even as a replacement for soil for terrace gardening. However, use of it to construct something as large as a house is a first for the country.
• Everything, right from the walls and doors of the house to the windows, flooring, floor carpets, pillars and even light-fittings, will be made out of coir wood.
• The house has been designed by Bengaluru-based coir research centre.

Source: TOI
Picture source: The Hindu


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