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How can your mobile phone reception decide where you want to live?

In today’s world staying connected with the world is one prime concern and therefore uninterrupted internet and mobile phone services are important. In most Tier-I and Tier-II cities, cell phone signal is not an issue. Cell phone towers are almost everywhere.

  • Sometimes, it may not be the fault of your service provider but because your home is in some way or the other a radiant barrier.
  • Even the materials used for the construction of the building may cause a problem. Wire mesh, electrical cabling, plumbing, sheet metal can cause a varying degree of issues with your network reception.
  • Usually, newer homes that go in for energy saving materials report poor signal reception. Window tinting and varied kinds of insulation affect the reception.
  • Besides, nobody wants to stay too close to cell phone towers. In 2010, a Hindustan Times report quoted Professor Girish Kumar, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, as saying: “Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 50 mtrs.of your home or workplace is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours.”
  • The report also stated how almost 50 families living close to one such tower in Jaipur had developed minor and major health hazards, some as dire as brain cancer.
  • At a time when real estate developers, leasers, telecommunication giants are harping on automated homes, free wi-fi services and free outgoing calls, we understand that we are indeed moving towards smarter, technologically efficient and well-connected cities and citizens. But, mind where you are investing.
  • One can try out easier methods to boost the signal. While there are ways to ensure better signal, your ‘perfect reception’ home shouldn’t be too close to a cell phone tower either.

Source: Proptiger

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