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How do Smart Cities become safer?

The biggest demand for CCTV and other diagnostic tools is of course originating from the numerous ‘safer city’ projects. Today with improved technologies, builders are developing smart cities with smart technology, to create a superior living environment. These intelligent technologies monitor energy usage, give customized wellbeing and human administration, guarantee full range open security and security with incorporated transport framework, etc.

A smart city provides smart security & privacy solutions. Smart security includes urban security components that protect citizens in public places, and infrastructure security components that protect the networks and systems vital for a city’s economy. Smart security would support the interconnected systems and processes by providing you with a consolidated security view that can enable easier monitoring of your overall security.

CCTV cameras have grown drastically alongside other consumer electronic like camcorder, digital cameras, etc. As per a study by PWC, the CCTV market, which comprises a major portion of the total security and surveillance market in India, is growing by a compounded annual growth rate of 30%. Here’s how CCTV plays a vital role in the public safety network in smart city:

How do Smart Cities become safer
Wave City at NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi, has been built keeping in mind global architectural trends. Wave City has IBM enabled Smart City features and also has hi-tech supervision of security and maintenance. With these features, if you are living in Wave City, you can leave to your work without worrying about the security of your kids and loved ones.



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