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How smart cities translate into greater savings

Imagine this: a city that works towards creating a sustainable environment – recycling and reusing energy, water and even waste. This city is driven by technology and employs hi-tech security and maintenance systems. It also has smart traffic system that intelligently manages and even updates you about the traffic and guides you take a faster alternate route. Along with an easy going living, it also ensures a saving of at least 30 per cent on water and electricity costs. These facilities may seem futuristic but as the concept of smart city is taking hold, idea of getting these facilities is not far-fetched.

Recently an Australian government project that used a range of smart grid technologies was tested. It was estimated that effective use of technology would save $28 billion over a period of 21 years. One project, Wave City on NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi is coming up with these smart systems. Some of the benefits that you can find here are:

• Smart transportation: Effective transportation system that have the ability to predict congestion and monitor traffic.

• Energy efficiency: Employing automatic meters can result in regulating electricity consumption.

• Smart grids: These grids help in quickly identifying the problem area and thus reducing outages and increasing reliability.

• Smart water systems: Efficient water reuse and recycling can effectively save a huge amount of water. Also, smart systems can alert consumers about leakage or problem that can conserve water to a great extent.

• Smart street lights: This system can turn off the street lights when they are not required. They also enable remote examination of the lights that eventually reduces maintenance costs.

• Smart waste management: Segregated organic garbage when recycled can be used as manure for the green spaces, again saving on additional expenses.

These smart concepts are especially relevant considering the increasing pressures on the urban infrastructure. Realizing the importance, India, too, is progressing towards building smart cities.

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