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How would you benefit by the weather substation at Wave City?

What is a Weather Station?

  • This is a facility with various equipments those help in measuring atmospheric conditions & provide information for weather forecasts and studies the weather and climate.
  • The measurement that a weather station or a weather sub-station takes includes temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation amounts.
  • A typical weather sub-station will have:
    • Thermometer: to Measure air and sea surface temperature
    • Barometer: To measure atmospheric pressure
    • Hygrometer: To measure humidity
    • Anemometer: To measure wind speed
    • Rain Gauge: To measure liquid precipitation over a set period of time

Wave City, developed on IBM’s Concept of Smart City, located on NH24, offers residential properties, commercial properties, retail, shopping complexes, shops cum offices, etc. Wave City will have a weather station of its own. This weather station will provide information on air quality, temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, rainfall, water quality in Wave City.

Benefits of a Weather Station

  • As residents of Wave City you will get an update on local weather conditions.
  • Outside and inside temperature, humidity level, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction in and around the city will be measured by the station.
  • With a weather station inside the city the residents will be getting readings for specific areas.
  • Once you get the weather forecasting you can plan your day accordingly. This would save your time and money.
  • You can plan your home improvements with the help of the weather information provided. Whether it’s painting the house, preparing for a rough weather, or trimming the trees or gardening.
  • The instruments in the substation provide you with real-time weather data based on what’s happening inside the city.



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