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#IAMSUMMERREADY- Summer Garden Ideas

A green oasis in this scorching summer…..that’s haven, isn’t it? Here few ideas for decking p your garden this summer.

  • Elements such as a water body, glass deck over-running a water stream in your terrace garden, courtyard or balcony will give a cool look.
  • In addition to creating these green plots of verdant lush spaces, home-owners are also looking at getting these spaces to serve as entertainment areas.
  • In the summer, these natural spaces tend to become dry due to the harsh sun and lack of water. Hence, it is advisable to go for dry landscaping with pebbles or create a rock garden with a small water body.
  • You can create a pleasant ambience for your garden with lit pathways, pavilions, location of sculptures and types of seating accessories. With spotlights, torches and ornamental lighting poles, create the right mood lighting that is warm and glowing, and blends well while highlighting the green areas.
  • In the water body, use waterproof lighting with timers. Functional lighting for the pergolas and pathways will look elegant.


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