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Importance of Environment Sustainability

A sustainable development encompasses not just one but many different things.

Importance of Environment Sustainability 4 What is Environment Sustainability?

Wave City-NH24-Smart City - IBM

Importance of Environment Sustainability 4Why is Environment Sustainability Important?

Wave City-NH24-IBM Smart City


Importance of Environment Sustainability 4

ICT & Environment Sustainability

With smart cities becoming a global phenomenon, it has become more important to keep in mind how ICT (information and communication technology) can solve environmental, ecological and economic challenges of cities globally.

Wave City-NH24-IBM Smart City -Smart Features

Wave City is World’s largest IGBC pre-certified Platinum rated township, works on the same lines. The city has features like rain water harvesting as well as water recycling plants that recycle grey water for re-use will ensure a minimum strain on the ecosystem.



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