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India moving towards sustainable infrastructure

India has made a significant progress on the creation of physical infrastructure and now we are moving towards smart and sustainable infrastructure. Cutting-edge technologies help us solve complex real-life problems. The integration of physical infrastructure and virtual infrastructure presents interesting opportunities for the private sector.

• The government’s ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ is going to change municipal administration — be it for traffic, water or waste management.
• Sustainability is expected to be the key for new capacity addition in the power sector.
• It is projected that urban India will contribute nearly 75% of the national GDP in the next 15 years.
• For a sustainable development of regions, many parameters such as employment and economy, ecology and environment, community and culture, technology and innovation will be amalgamated in a balanced smart way to create a product what we can term as smart regions and there units.
• Infrastructure development includes, betterment of road ways, water supply, electricity distribution, communication and technology.
• There will be special focus on intra and inter connectivity of settlements. Here is a table that shows how connectivity encourages economic development.

population predeictions

• Sustainable living with walkability (easy availability of social and physical infrastructure), stronger live-work relationship, public participation, decentralised economic activities, transit oriented development etc., with city level infrastructure, will result in a strong base for sustainable future.

Source: Live Mint / Mecon


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