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India on the cusp of a green energy revolution

India is witnessing encouraging trends, which hold out optimism for a green and decarbonized world. 2017 could be the watershed year for super-efficient solar panels.

• Solar power is cheaper than coal in most parts of the world and it’s likely to be the cheapest form of energy everywhere by the end of the decade.
• 2016 saw solar bids starting with $64 (around Rs. 4,300) per MWh in Rajasthan in the first quarter and crashing to $29.10 per MWh in Chile by August.
• Services in the city of Las Vegas are now powered entirely by renewable energy.
• In May, Portugal ran continuously on renewable energy for four-and-a-half days.
• Costa Rica barely used any fossil fuels in 2016.
• Tesla began manufacturing lithium ion batteries from its Gigafactory.
• Since 2010, Li+ battery costs have dropped at an astonishing 15-16% per year and could go down to as low as $150 by 2020, if not earlier.

With these developments, in near future, we will witness a breakthrough in low-carbon energy resources usage, a dramatic increase in the energy-efficiency of buildings, factories, appliances, gadgets, devices, etc.

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