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Innovation! The key to give the Education Sector in India the much needed Fillip

The goal is to move up from ‘chalk-and-talk’ system of education. Innovation in education can help today’s generation of students grow immensely. Across the world, innovation has become a solution for overcoming social and economic challenges. Innovative education can help us transform a society, bring prosperity and productivity.

The ‘chalk-and-talk’ system of education makes a student passive and submissive. They are discouraged to question, discover, experiment and apply concepts in the school classroom. This factory-based model of education churns out students with low confidence and self-belief. In the Innovator’s DNA, authors, Dyer, Gregersen and Christensen, state that “Innovators treat the world as a question mark.” They have identified 5 key characteristics common to great innovative entrepreneurs:

  1. Questioning
  2. Observation
  3. Experimentation
  4.  Association
  5. Networking

If the education system changes from passive rote system to learner-centric, these creative characteristic can be instilled in a student. With new teaching patterns, we can bring important shift in thinking and behavior.

  • Children must be taught to ask “why?” rather than just saying “yes”. They must be encouraged to be curious.
  • Teach the children not to just look but to observe & explore. Keen observation of the environment brings breakthroughs. Children must be taught to look beyond the obvious.
  • Give children a hands-on experimental learning and exploration. This method of teaching engages child’s sense of touch, feel, smell, sight and sound, which helps him/her to grasp, explain and retain otherwise difficult concepts.
  • Shift from textbook-bound to being hands-on. We should give children a chance to use their own minds or reason for themselves. Role playing, audio-visual presentation, etc. makes class more interesting and effective.
  • Train children to be confident and independent. Shape to be thinking individuals who discover and solve problems on their own, thus nurturing their confidence and self-belief.

Technology increasingly will play a major role in shaping our education models. It will equally place heightened emphasis on human beings’ capacity to create and innovate in the face of rapid change and complexity. This will in turn enhance the skills like questioning and curiosity, awareness, observation, discovery and experimentation, association, application and networking.

Source: Your Story

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