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Interior designing, decoration, tips – Pest Free Homes – Tips

Seasonal changes bring in problems of pest, mosquitoes, etc. Here are few tips which will help you keep away pests.

  • Dustbins should be covered and the garbage should be disposes on a regular basis. Besides attracting rodents and cockroaches, garbage provides a breeding ground for harmful disease causing germs.
  • Seal unwanted openings, including cracks, gaps and holes, in your homes, before pests find them.
  • Cover all ventilation ducts with wire mesh.
  • Clean your house on a regular basis. Get rid of any unwanted clutter like cardboard boxes, these become home to cockroaches & spiders.
  • Don’t allow soil or mulch to build up around the foundation.
  • To pests, your kitchen could be perceived as a buffet if you are not diligent in keeping it free of food that’s easily accessible.



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