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Interior ideas: Chic Cubicle

Here are ideas on how to make your cubicle feel like home:

1. Desktop Wallpaper: Set it to something that is not related to work, something escapist but office-appropriate.

WO pic 1



2. Leather Desk Blotters: Keeps your palm & keyboard comfortable.

WO pic 2



3. Chair Cushions: It’s not always that you leave on time from office, sometimes one need to work late. Keep chair cushions which can help you sit comfortably & helps with posture as well.

WO pic 3



4. Coffee Table Books: Books are always a source of inspiration. Book covers provide both colour and familiarity.

WO pic 4



5. Creative Bulletin Board: You can pin your favourites. Cards, notes or other inspiring objects.

WO pic 5






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