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Interior ideas: Down to Earth-Terracotta Décor

Terracotta is earthy and gives a rusty feel. It gives a rustic magic to the decor. So if you want your slice of earthy warm decor then terracotta is for you. The word ‘Terracotta’ means fired earth.





  • This ancient material remains of great aesthetic value in gardens, balcony and in home interiors too. The soft porous texture mellows over the years.
  • Besides pots and planters, terracotta artefacts such as horses, bells, Ganeshas, hanging lamps, animals, idols and statues are quite popular.
  • When decorating a room in terracotta, ordinary clay pots might add to the theme, but they are not always impressive. So try carved clay planters and terracotta pots and artefacts in carved designs.
  • If using terracotta in your garden, lots of carved pots, statues of horses, elephants, etc. can give your garden a rustic look.



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