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Interior Ideas: Floral Design ideas for your home

Floral designs have always been the favourite home designs for many. We give you ideas, how to incorporate floral designs in your home:

Living Room

  • It’s always best to choose furniture covers with floral designs if you don’t want to go bold.
  • Add different-sized patterns by introducing floral cushions or throws in an easy way to boost a scheme.
  • You can choose floral wallpaper in hues such as orange, red and mint green.

Dining Area

  • If your dining room opens up to your living area, then selecting a floral design can be tricky.
  • To keep it minimal and simple, go for a floral table cover to sport this trend.
  • If you do not wish to do this, you can simply put a white table cloth and arrange bright flowers like sunflowers or red roses in a vase and place it right in the middle of the table.

Kids Bedroom

  • It’s extremely easy to incorporate floral designs in your children’s bedroom.
  • You can get small flowers painted in their room. But make sure that you keep the remaining walls in a single colour.
  • This will not make the room look dramatic but will keep it simple and fresh.


  • While choosing floral designs for your bedroom, it’s always safe to go for floral print wallpapers, as they add charm to the room.
  • Do not be afraid to mix and match your prints with different designs for rugs and artwork too.
  • To make the room look appealing, complement it with vintage style pieces.



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