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Interior ideas-Green Office Spaces

Incorporating greenery into an office space can be extremely de-stressing, bringing in freshness besides aiding creativity. Here are few tips to do so:

  • Even if you have a small office, you can accommodate green elements, in the form of indoor plants in the corners of the room.
  • If you have a small patio or a large windowsill, floral pots or even creepers are an attractive option to bring in the green element.
  • If your office is at the ground level, a small garden space can house an attractive water body ensconced in green.
  • Plant some greens in your lobby space, featuring a green space overlooking a conference room or the lobby is a great idea as it brings in the freshness of the outdoors.
  • Incorporating clay and stone artefacts along with the greenery is a good idea as it adds to the natural theme of the office space. Stone elements or brick cladding can also be used as focal points in vantage areas in the lobby and common spaces, to highlight the natural theme.
  • To add to this you can also choose your furniture in earthy colours.



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