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Interior ideas – Inspirational Workspace for Writing

Writers are an integral part of any organisation. A writer’s workspace has to creative & can be done in various ways. Here are few tips for every writer, who wants to design a perfect work space:

De-clutter your workspace

  • Create more space by de-cluttering. Clutter weighs on our minds, takes up space, decreases our motivation, and blocks new ideas and opportunities from coming into our lives.
  • Time your cleaning, pick one drawer or a table at a time.

Change habits that create clutter

  • Everything can be digitized now. Use sticky notes on your laptops for remembering important things.
  • When deciding what’s clutter and what’s not, ask yourself three questions:
    • Is this useful?
    • Is this beautiful and/or inspirational?
    • Is this loved?
  • If the answer for all these three is a NO, then it is clutter. If yes, then find a place for it.

Remove or fix anything that’s broken

  • If something in your office / desk is broken, ask yourself if you’re willing to get it fixed this week..

Anchor your purpose in your workspace

  • If you have a purpose for what you are writing, then you feel more motivated.
  • Create a mission statement, or an object that will drive you and motivate you to write.
  • For example, an image of people your writing has helped or inspired.

Create a view

  • If you sit away from the window or your office space does not have open spaces or windows, create an ambience at your desk.
  • If you don’t have a good view from where you sit, create one with plants, artwork or photos. Select inspirational artwork that sparks your creativity.
  • Use your desk to hold uplifting pictures.

Bring nature in

  • Keeping plants on your work table will help you relax now & then.
  • Consider adding plants, fresh flowers, or a fountain to beautify your workspace.
  • You can choose to decorate with natural materials such as hemp, sisal or wood, or use visuals of nature to create a soothing environment.

Source: Write to Done



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