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Interior ideas-Keep an eye on what’s happening in your office: QubeCamera, a revolutionary security device

It is a technologically driven world, and there is lot that is evolving in surveillance as well. QubeCamera, a revolutionary security device, poised to redefine the concept of security systems in the domestic sphere.

  • It helps you to oversee your site or shop, etc. from a central point.
  • Besides mitigating threats, remote monitoring provides high quality video and audio recordings that can be used in situations when evidence is required.


  • Equipped with a ¼ inch, 1.3 Megapixel, high definition CMOS sensor, the QubeCamera supports dual streaming formats
  • Enables direct recording on the hard disk
  • Live security monitoring
  • The device is armed with a night vision mode supported by 6 Infrared LED’s that are effective up till a distance of 5 meters
  • Advanced video motion detection
  • International certification



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