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Interior ideas-Pet friendly fabrics

This is for all of you, who have a cute bundle of joy – a little pet. Choosing the right type of fabric for your pet might be a tedious task. Keep in mind the choice of your pet as well as the resistant power of the fabric against the damage caused by pets.

  • Doria Fabric: Doria is easy to clean. Often pets shed lots of fur, and as doria is easy to clean, this would save you a lot of time. This fabric would be loved by your pet since it is as soft as your pet itself.
  • Leather: An evergreen fabric and pet friendly as well. Your pets would love to roll on leather fabric as it feels cool during the summers. One advantage associated with this fabric is that you would not require cleaning much often. Even the hair of the pet would not cling to this fabric.
  • Textured: Soft textured fabrics in muddy colours would perhaps be the best fabric in a house with pets. This is because the textured fabrics are very soft.
  • Microfiber: For those homes which have uncontrollable pets, microfiber is the best option as it is scratch resistant and stain resistant as well. When you have microfiber on your furniture, pets would love to roll on the couch and eat chewies on the top of it, but you need not get worried because it is extremely sturdy.

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