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Interior Ideas: Stay Healthy & Work out in Open air

For fitness freaks in Noida, working out in lush green surroundings with fresh air will soon be a reality. Twenty-two parks owned and maintained by the Noida Authority will soon boast open gymnasiums, complete with fitness equipment.


  • The gyms are slated to be operational in 14 parks to begin with, and will be open to public free of cost.
  • A team of horticulture specialists are scheduled to visit Delhi parks this week to study the concept, before the plan can be implemented.
  • The open air or outdoor gyms will have 14 different types of fitness equipment.
  • This gym will offer a truly holistic fitness experience.
  • These gyms will be suited not only for reaching required fitness levels, but can also be used for medical and health treatments. The equipment for these parks will be suitable for all age groups.
  • The equipment will include air walkers, sit-up benches, air swings, stair steppers, equipment for leg press, chest press, bench press, pull-up chairs, parallel bars, sit-up stations, cross-walkers, etc.

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