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It’s all about being UPDATED! How Technology is Driving Today’s Corporate Work Culture

To get the most out of employees, work-space and technology, every company should take a holistic approach towards information technology. Times are changing; a new workplace paradigm has emerged over a decade. Today, offices are shifting focus to a digitized work space. Technology has evolved from a behind the scenes role to now a crucial element of a business. Workplace technology provides the greatest opportunity for empowering employee productivity and differentiating a company’s space.

According to a research done by JLL, “Companies are much more focused on digitization and connectivity, with common examples including more sophisticated conference rooms featuring interactive audio/visual technology and smart TVs, as well as cloud-based solutions for employee mobility.”




Setting an example

With updated technologies and a successful implementation of the same, there are companies across the globe, which are perfect amalgamation of technology & ease of work.

  • The Shop- Chicago
    • The company features LED motion graphic walls.
    • They have live video feeds, which help in connecting all their branches for training & meeting purposes.
    • Workplace flexibility enabled through power conduit connection to sit to stand up desks which accommodate ease of movement on casters.
  • Zurich Insurance’s North American Headquarters in Schaumburg
    • Their employees simply agree to a meeting time, walk into the conference room and touch a screen to begin the meeting. This is possible because of their simple setting of video conferencing.
    • End user centric design to embrace team collaboration environments.
  • Westpac – Chicago
    • They have an interactive map on the WorkSmart smartphone app, which tells them which desk is occupied and by whom.
    • Staffs can set themselves up in a variety of booths or meeting rooms.

There are 4 basics for setting up a tech enabled work-space:

Put the right technology at the right place.
Put the right technology at the right place.


Observe & implement
Observe & implement


Make the systems user friendly
Make the systems user friendly


Plan your budget
Plan your budget

Sources: JLL

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