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Know your real estate: Property Investment Trust / Property Management / Property Portfolio Management

When you are looking for an ideal home to live and you go to a real estate agent or a broker or even a builder, they might use jargons which you might not know.

But we give you a solution!!

Read this space every Tuesday & Wednesday for Real Estate Jargons.

Property Investment Trust

  • A public company, with certain tax advantages and complying with rules applicable to its operation and investment activities, managed by a professional specialist team and established for the purpose of acquiring mainly shares in property companies-public or private.
  • To such an extent, as is permitted legally, without prejudicing its beneficial tax treatment, it may invest in other securities, own property directly or undertake development.
  • It provides shareholders with an interest in a wide ranging portfolio and the reassuring knowledge that investment policy is in the hands of experts.

Property Management

  • The range of functions concerned with looking after buildings, including collection of rents, payment of outgoings, maintenance including repair, provision of services, insurance and supervision of staff employed for services, together with negotiations with tenants or prospective tenants.
  • The extent of and responsibility for management between landlord and tenant depend on terms of the lease(s).
  • The landlord may delegate some or all of these functions to managing agents.

Property Portfolio Management

  • The unified management of a group of properties, held by one ownership.
  • Decisions taken in respect of any issue are reached on the basis of achieving the maximum benefit for the owners, with regard to the effect on the portfolio as a whole rather than on an individual property.

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