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Make your office lobby more cheerful

It is common to have a bland lobby space in your office, but won’t it be good to change this? However, an office lobby can be equally cheerful and exotic while still retaining the formality in its ambience. The trick is to bring in the right blend of materials and colours.

  • With comfortable seating with touch of class will make the lobby look beautiful. Good leather seating is an excellent option. An exotic centre table that is glass topped with a unique wood creation as its base would set the tone for a classy seating arrangement.
  • Having a small yet exotic water body blending into the décor is a great idea. If a water body is not desired, a glass décor that simulates falling water could be featured.
  • The walls need not have all the details of your office, a few attractive paintings, artefacts, etc. can be hung too.
  • The colours used for the walls too can be played around to enhance this décor. It need not be the standard beige colour, but can incorporate a blending of more than one colour, where a portion of the wall is used as a highlight zone.
  • Natural stones can also be used instead of regular carpets.



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