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Marriage Season: Noida is the best place to get married

After the Diwali celebrations, it’s time for weddings. The auspicious dates or saayas started from November 22, making this the busiest time of the year for wedding venues, caterers, bandwallahs and florists. The last week of November, Noida witness 30,000 weddings. It is a fun and family event for many but it is also a major business for professionals like wedding planners, caterers, bandwallahs and florists. Professionals from the wedding industry say that the number has seen a substantial increase from last year (weddings in Noida), some of which is because of Delhi residents opting to host their weddings in Noida due to relatively inexpensive venues and fewer jams.

  • Due to the relative affordability of Noida venues, people from the areas of Delhi adjoining Noida are now opting to host their functions in Noida.
  • Some say that opting for Noida instead of South Delhi, as a wedding venue saved them at least 40-45% of the cost.
  • Even though Noida too faces traffic congestion during the wedding season, it is not as bad as some of the areas in Chhattarpur or East Delhi.
  • Elements like approach roads and parking facilities are much better than the old banquet halls of Delhi.



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