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MBCN — One of the best schools in India for differently-abled children

Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan has features among the 10 Best Schools in India for Special Education.

So makes the school one of the best in India?
Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is a charitable school for special needs children that provide all required rehabilitation services to children with intellectual impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, spectrum disorder, hearing impairment and multiple disabilities. Late Sh. Gurdeep Singh Chadha (widely known as Ponty Chadha) wanted to bring the physically, mentally or intellectually challenged people at par with the rest of the world. As an honoring gesture in the loving memory of late Smt. Bhagwanti Devi Chadha, his deceased grandmother, he established this school in 1999. He aimed at touching the lives of differently-abled children in a way that made their lives considerably better and worth living. Wave Group is committed to work for his noble mission as corporate social responsibility. Today MBCN is a model for an outstanding educational practice in transforming education for children with special needs.

What makes us stand apart from a normal school?
Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is a special school for children with intellectual and physical challenges. The mission of MBCN is to educate and prepare children with special needs to live within the community, having achieved three-fold self-dependence, physical, social and financial to the best of their ability.

Enabling the special children
Right from the beginning the school aims at empowering the special children by making them independent. Special workshops are organized to provide the right skill to the students that help them become self-reliant in future. Even during their training at the school, the students are paid as a token of encouragement and appreciation of their work. The money is directly transferred to the accounts of the students. The school has recently launched an app for persons who are speech impaired (VAAKYA) and a shopping portal. VAAKYA is a picture based app designed for people who are speech impaired. It is suitable for individuals affected by autism, cerebral palsy and various other mental and physical conditions. The school has launched a shopping portal, integrated with its website (, which allows customers to buy hand-made products made by the special children of the school.

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