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Mobility a problem for visually impaired? Not any more now

Can a 29 gram ring let a visually challenged person tell you exactly how far an obstacle is? Not only this can he also tell what the obstacle is, where is it going and how fast is it going? Sounds far-fetched? Here’s how this is possible now.

This is made possible by a startup headquartered in Chandigarh called EmbroS. They offer wearable solutions that can revolutionise the way blind mobility works.

  • Started in October 2015, by Abhinav Verma, the start-up already has a 1000 users under the belt and triple digit growth on a monthly basis.
  • The founders’ vision to develop breakthrough products for the visually impaired has made this company one of the top 3 Hardware Technologies in India.

product for visually impaired

The mini version helps the visually impaired to identify the following tasks with near perfect accuracy :

  • How far is the object as the intensity of the vibrations are directly proportional to the distance of the obstacle,
  • What kind of object it is – soft or hard.
  • How fast the object is moving and in what direction.


The Impact

Penetration of quality education for the visually challenged has always been a critical problem not only because they cannot independently commute to education places but also because the mode of education is not trivial. Working with a team of people to make assistive technology more accessible, Live braille Education claims to solve this problem by delivering education in a completely digital format automated by the Mini.


Source: The Tech Portal



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