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Multi-layered connectivity for Noida

Noida is being seen as a destination for world-class investment. Keeping in view the world-wide attention that the city has attracted, concerned authorities are working on enhancing the connectivity of the city. The city is heading for an era of multi-layered connectivity.
• Noida Authority granting a new lease of life to the Special Purpose Vehicle.
• The project is touted to take off in the next three months.
• Initially, 100 buses will be operated under the Noida Traffic Cell. These buses will run separately from the state transport buses.
• While 40 buses will ply in Noida, 30 will ferry passengers in Greater Noida and the remaining buses will supplement the connectivity between both the cities.
• A bus depot sprawling 5 acres in sector 82 in Noida to accommodate the 100 buses that will run under the project will also be created by Noida.

Source: Times of India



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