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Never get stuck in traffic jams in a smart city

As the population and number of vehicles are seeing an unprecedented growth, there seems no end to the chaos on the roads. People waste about 396 hours in travelling to work every hour. As a remedy, new and effective technology updates are providing smart solution to traffic management. In totality, there are three key elements to dealing with this urban traffic as we move forward – identifying the problem, keeping road users informed and deploying smart mechanisms to keep traffic flowing.

  • Real-time data streaming from the sensors in the physical infrastructure like GPS. This data arms people with instantaneous information that enables smarter decision making while driving.
  • Data monitoring and communicating with mobile apps lets commuters receive the latest bus and traffic information, making the journey to work hassle-free.
  • “Smart car park” feature lets you find a parking quickly. Here, sensors detect whether or not a car is parked in a particular spot and communicate that to drivers, thus saving time and keeping traffic flowing.

The whole idea of congestion free roads and smart traffic management is to save a lot of time and instead spending this time with your loved ones. For instance, if you are living in  Wave City Center in Noida Sector 25A and 32, you would be saving an average of 90 minutes daily while travelling to work. The city’s dedicated BRT system lets you have congestion-free roads and smooth travel experience.



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