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New Indian Innovation-World’s 1st Haptic Footwear that connects to your Smartphone

An idea, that was developed to bring out the best in an item of daily use — the shoe. Assembled in a small room in Hyderabad, the world’s first Haptic Feedback Smart Shoe, gives vision to millions of visually challenged across the world, to navigate through the sense of touch.

  • The shoe works on patterns of vibrations. The shoe uses an individual’s sense of touch to convey information to, and about the user through patterns of vibration.
  • Under the brand name Lechal, these shoes and insoles provide directions through vibrations for the visually challenged.
  • Ducere Technologies has pioneered the world’s first haptic feedback smart shoe, founded by Krispian Lawrence.
  • The shoes guides the users through noisy & crowded streets.
  • The shoe can be linked to a smartphone through Bluetooth via the Lechal app that uses Google Maps to provide navigational directions towards the destination one wants to reach.
  • This innovation has combated the problems of navigation & interaction. “There is no language in touch. It is tactile and intuitive. Thus, it is accessible and responsive,” says Lawrence, CEO of Ducere Technologies.
  • Slowly, the product has become effective navigation tool for the visually challenged.
  • As the market for the product expanded, today, this product is useful for one and all as it also has the ability to measure the fitness levels, steps one walked / ran and other metric.

Haptic Shoes

In India, wearable technology platforms are beginning to find increasing consumer acceptance and funding. Ducere Technologies is now focusing on designing a software developing kit that will allow different companies to connect with the shoe through their app. India has over 70 million people, who are visually-impaired, and an innovation like this is a boon for them.

Sources: Outlook Business / ET

Photo Credits: Lechal

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