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New Trend in Town – Hi-Tech Living @ Wave City

Cities are changing and so is the way people lead their life. Urbanisation, an irreversible fact, brings in problems of acute nature like resource crunch, climate change and extreme weather, etc. To tackle these issues, need for hi-tech cities or technologically driven cities is on a rise. We need a city that offers sustainable environment through smart, technologically driven solutions and facilitates the interaction of its citizens with its administration; where open information is available in real time.

Wave City on soon to be widened NH24 is world’s largest IGBC pre-certified platinum rated township, which is developed around the concept of smart living. Wave City is India’s largest and most efficient Hi-Tech City. Located in the rapidly growing suburb of Delhi, Wave City is the answer to a number of lifestyle issues that we’ve been all compromising with.

This Hi-Tech City offers smart features like Central Command Centre, Smart Meters, Intelligent Traffic Management, Waste Management, 24×7 CCTV Surveillance, Weather Substation, Water Management, Complete Fiber Optic Connectivity and lot more.



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