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NH24 widening plan: what all to expect

Widening of NH24 is one plan that is long-awaited. Easing of traffic is the prime reason for the anticipated move.
•    There are plans to widen the National Highway-24 from 4 lanes to 6 lanes.
•    Due to the narrow road, there were constant traffic snarls at the Model Town crossing and the decision to widen the road will ease the traffic.
•    A 21-km stretch of NH24 from UP Gate to Dasna would be widened in view of traffic problems.
•    This will benefit about 50,000 daily commuters on NH24.
•    The development of the highway will have an underpass along with the widening of NH24.

Homebuyers and investors of projects like Wave City that is located on NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi would see a great deal of benefit from the plan. It would become a lot easier to travel to the Noida and Delhi without much traffic troubles.



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