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Noida emerges as a hub for leisure activities

Swanky malls, eateries, multiplexes and what more, ample of leisure hang-outs, these places have become a common sight in Noida. With the increase in the IT sector and business community, the city is also seeing an unprecedented growth in the entertainment and recreational zones.

Appu Ghar: There are plans to set up a branch in Noida.
Amusement Parks: International Recreational Park Ltd. has been allotted a 140-acre plot in Sector 38A to develop an amusement park, where 119 acres would be dedicated to theme amusement and entertainment. This will comprise Fantasy World, Bollywood Film Park, Entertainment Village and World and Water World.
Noida Habitat Centre: Decision has already been taken on establishing the Noida Habitat/Convention Centre (NHC) for societal, cultural and intellectual development at the national and international levels. The center will house a high-level library and world-class auditorium, conference and banquet hall as well as club facilities, restaurant, fitness center, yoga and de-stress center, amenities for sports and leisure, service apartments, utility store, food court, mini-audo/movie theatre, swimming pool.
Sports & games facilities: The stadium at Sector 21 is being developed to hold international-level sports and games. In addition, there are plans to establish a sports complex spread over 450 acres in Sector 101 involving two large indoor stadia. Also, plans are underway to a place for water sports at the Yamuna water body along the Okhla Barrage.
Golf Course & Cultural Center: Noida already has a Golf course of international standard. In addition to that, there are plans to build Indira Gandhi Cultural Center, which will serve as a forum for various socio-cultural activities.
Wave Group is developing Wave City Center at Sector 25 and 32 that boosts of having world class facilities for leisure activities. Giving a whole new meaning to entertainment, there are plans to build a new world-class theme park, a snow village, international class family entertainment center, games, clubs, discotheques and indoor water park.

Source: Times of India
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